Tuesday 23 July 2024


For the sixth consecutive year, the Company receives prestigious award for outstanding employee orientation assigned by the Top Employers Institute

Lidl Malta, the leading supermarket chain on the Maltese islands, has secured its position as Top Employer for the 6th consecutive year, reaffirming its commitment to fostering a thriving and engaged workforce. With a team of over 480 members, the Company strives to place its people at the forefront of all its operations, creating a workspace where they can thrive and contribute to the company’s ongoing success.

Lidl Malta’s HR strategy emphasizes corporate welfare, continuous training, and the development of innovative services. The company actively seeks employee feedback through the “Employees’ Survey,” demonstrating a commitment to listening to and responding to the needs of its team. This proactive approach has led to the implementation of initiatives such as hybrid working on a permanent basis for employees at Lidl Head Office, further reinforcing Lidl’s dedication to providing a modern and flexible work environment. In addition to these initiatives, Lidl Malta offers a comprehensive benefits package that includes health insurance, a discount scheme, and various other perks, further demonstrating the company’s commitment to employee well-being and satisfaction.

The independent Top Employers Institute certifies the world’s best employers every year. With its sixth consecutive Top Employer award, Lidl Malta stands out as the first, and most recognised Top Employer in the country. In addition, Lidl was awarded the Top Employer Europe seal again, and, for the first time ever, was recognised as a Top Employer in all 31 countries in which it operates.

“This recognition marks a significant milestone as we prioritize providing our employees with an empowering work environment that fosters equal opportunities, teamwork and mutual listening.” said Marc Psaila Soler, Lidl Malta’s Human Resources Manager. “This award makes us proud to be part of a community of companies committed to developing virtuous personnel management policies and encourages us to continue in this direction.”

The prize is presented after a thorough examination and a meticulous assessment by the Top Employers Institute, an international certification body for HR excellence. Companies that are certified as Top Employers are committed to putting their employees at the centre of their business activities and offering them an outstanding working environment. The Top Employers Institute examines companies based on their information in the provided HR Best Practices questionnaire. This includes six overarching HR dimensions and 20 HR areas, such as People Strategy, Work Environment, Talent Acquisition, Learning, Well-being, and Diversity & Inclusion.

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