Tuesday 23 July 2024

HSBC Bank Malta signs ground-breaking Collective Agreement with MUBE

Pictured above: William Portelli, MUBE President; Geoffrey Fichte, CEO, HSBC Bank Malta

HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c. is pleased to announce the signing of a new collective agreement with the Malta Union of Bank Employees (MUBE) for the period 2024-2026. This highlights HSBC’s strong commitment to its people as a cornerstone of customer service excellence and its goal to innovate and improve.

This ambitious and ground-breaking agreement is characterised by significant enhancements to employee pay, benefits and retirement pension plans.

Pictured above: Nadianne Azzopardi, Human Resources Advisory, HSBC Bank Malta; David Perotti, Head of Human Resources, HSBC Bank Malta; Andrew Wild, CEO, HSBC Continental Europe; William Portelli, MUBE President; Geoffrey Fichte, CEO, HSBC Bank Malta; Josef Figallo, Chair of MUBE Group Committee; Amanda Camenzuli, Secretary of MUBE Group Committee

The agreement was signed this week in Malta, and then validated at HSBC Continental Europe’s HQ in Paris by its CEO, Andrew Wild, and the CEO of HSBC Bank Malta, with representatives of MUBE present.  HSBC Continental Europe is the majority shareholder of HSBC Bank Malta.

The collaborative and professional negotiation process between HSBC Bank Malta and MUBE underscores a shared commitment to the bank’s strategy that focuses on fostering an environment of excellence in customer service and supporting the growth and development of every employee.

Geoffrey Fichte, CEO of HSBC Bank Malta said: “I am pleased to confirm the signing of this new collective agreement with MUBE, reflecting our commitment to our people as they are our key competitive advantage. This agreement is a key part of our transformation journey, laying the foundation for innovation, transformation, customer service excellence and business growth. I am personally very motivated by the bright future ahead and look forward to working together with our colleagues to achieve success not only for them personally, but also for our stakeholders.”

William Portelli, MUBE President said: ‘The Collective Agreement signed between MUBE and HSBC Bank Malta will take collaboration to another level whilst enhancing daily practice at the workplace as the business progresses with the digital transformation process. The agreement is an endorsement of goodwill from all parties involved as evidenced by the commitment to enhance efficiency, flexibility and a feel-good factor around the working environment to the benefit of the employees’ wellbeing and customers alike.  We are confident in the new management team to drive future success’.

HSBC Bank Malta is committed to its role as a leading financial institution in Malta, continually striving for innovation and excellence in all facets of its operations.

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