Wednesday 01 December 2021

HSBC UK Contact Centre offers mentor support to staff

Pictured above: Louiseanne Gauci

HSBC UK Contact Centre Malta (HBEU), the country’s largest contact centre has launched a new programme through which mentors will help staff learn and develop.

Through the programme, full-time mentors will provide friendly, unbiased support and guidance to employees as required. The mentors at HBEU have been selected from among existing employees.
HBEU People Experience and Recruitment Manager Richard Powell said: “The mentor programme provides continuous support to our new recruits throughout the first 24 months of their career journey, going above and beyond the support provided by our Academy Team and the Team Manager.”
Mentor Louiseanne Gauci believes that having the mentor programme in place at HBEU is ideal for individuals that are going through such a new experience. It provides reassurance that there is an assigned individual they can look to ask questions and raise concerns.
“When comparing the first meeting to the last one I’ve had with my current group, I noticed that they have all made great progress. The bond between us has definitely increased,” said Gauci.

06 - HBEU Mentor IMG2

Svetlana Mountjoy

Given the fact that each and every individual has their own different learning styles, mentorship gives employees the reassurance and the option to feel comfortable and get used to how things are done in an open and honest environment without an element of apprehension.
“The employees in my group joined their assigned teams just over a month ago, and throughout this time I have facilitated their needs as well as conversations between them and their Team Managers,” said Svetlana Mountjoy. “More than this, the employees have the reassurance that they can come to me about anything – even to simply have a chat about how their day is going.”
Exciting opportunities exist to join the Contact Centre and be part of a great team. For more information visit An age neutral CV can be forwarded to

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