Wednesday 08 April 2020

HSBC Malta provides new tools for businesses looking to grow

HSBC Malta has launched the Guide to Business Borrowing section within its website offering essential information for business customers looking to grow their business.
Whether one is a start-up or an already established business venture, getting access to the right type of finance can be crucial if one wants to grow, invest and create jobs. To help business make an informed decision, the Guide to Business Borrowing outlines some of the different types of solutions on offer, along with how to apply and what other support is available.
The Guide is complete with a step by step guide on how to write a Business Plan and build a Cash Flow Forecast as well as a comprehensive FAQs section in Maltese and English.
The business Loan Calculator provides a representative example of monthly payments once the loan amount and credit term are entered.
HSBC Malta’s business banking website is popular among businesses for its world-class expert opinions and insight reports. In addition to the new tools and features, the website also offers a one-stop customer documentation centre as well as information on the latest domestic and European financial laws.
“For business owners, time is money. Their banking experience needs to be simple and convenient,” said Gordon Scicluna, Country Head of Business Banking, HSBC Malta. “With these new features, business owners can obtain first-hand information on what banks require to start a relationship.  The online information provides the necessary tools and tips for customers who require finance to grow their business”.
The HSBC Malta’s business banking service is ideal for companies with sales turnover greater than €1 million per annum. More information can be had by visiting or by calling 2380 8000.

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