Thursday 18 October 2018

GSD Marketing Ltd contributes to Malta Community Chest Fund’s L-Istrina

As part of its annual commitment towards one of Malta’s pillar fund-raisers, GSD Marketing Ltd donated over €26,000 to the Malta Community Chest Fund (MCCF) during L-Istrina marathon.
The donation was presented by GSD Marketing Chief Operating Officer Maria Micallef, on behalf of the company’s directors, management and staff. Some 25 employees also took part in the marathon, answering phone calls with donations. GSD Marketing Ltd is part of the Mizzi Organisation.
“As a major company in Malta’s and Gozo’s business which more or less reaches every member of the Maltese community through the variety of products GSD Marketing produces and distributes, we have made it our responsibility, year on year, to assist the MCCF in carrying out its sterling and priceless cause,” said Ms Micallef. “Being able to take off some of the burden of a person, or family, going through a rough time, is the noblest gesture the human soul is capable of.”
Recently, President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca was quoted that the MCCF receives around 200 new applications every month from people who are suffering from severe chronic diseases or who are going through a challenging situation which drives them to seek the Fund’s help for specialised care, to assist family members receiving treatment abroad, financial assistance of basic necessities, including food. The MCCF also donates some €900,000 to assist other NGOs.

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