Sunday 18 November 2018

Chef Bruno Barbieri back in Malta

Internationally acclaimed chef Bruno Barbieri was back in Malta almost a year to the day after his last visit to endorse the Italian artisanal food shop UpperFood. Here on another flying visit, this time Chef Barbieri also met with local dignitaries and Italian producers at a series of events entitled UPPERITIVO. Bruno Barbieri who is from one of Italy’s gastronomical capitals, Bologna, has received seven Michelin stars over the years and is one of the main judges on Italy’s Master Chef.
The ethos behind UPPERFOOD was to bring back that small food store, the quintessential part of any village core, providing artisan high quality Italian products at reasonable prices and in season. The recurring theme is that of quality and seasonality, one that Bruno Barbieri wholeheartedly supports and is keen to get behind. He is also keen to create a stronger synergy between Maltese and Italian cooks and chefs and is brimming with ideas and enthusiasm to establish a stronger working relationship between the two cuisines.
“Over the past year UpperFood has slowly established itself as the go to place for good quality Italian food. Barbieri’s seal of approval confirms the authenticity of what we set out to created and this first year has shown us that there is scope and opportunity to take this so much further together with the Maltese and Barbieri.”
All products are conceived, produced and packed in Italy with Fabrizio spending much of his time establishing relationships with Italian producers and scouring his homeland from top to bottom to source the best artisan food and wines which continue to give Italy its frontline position as purveyors of quality food. This year UpperFoods is also offering bespoke hampers and gift boxes just in time for Christmas so make sure you make a pitstop for an aperitivo and some retail therapy this winter.

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