Thursday 24 May 2018

9 - HBEU IMG3 - James Ryder

HSBC UK Contact Centre in Swatar celebrates 10 years of personal development

Pictured above James Ryder

As the HSBC UK Contact Centre Malta (HBEU), now employing more than 450 staff, celebrates ten years of success, the Centre is also celebrating the personal career journeys and success stories of long term employees, both of the Maltese centre and the broader HSBC UK Contact Centre network.
Examples of these journeys include Michael Goonetilleke, a Sri Lankan who joined HSBC in 2005 and who now finds himself in Malta.
“Although I have only moved to HBEU recently, I can’t help but notice that I have been associated with HSBC for almost as long as HBEU’s operations in Malta. In this time, I have seen many positive company changes and improvements. I have had the pleasure of working with many professionals within the wide network of HSBC, and helping countless valued customers,” says Michael, currently an Academy Coach at HBEU.
The HSBC UK Contact Centre, based in Swatar, forms part of the UK network of contact centres for HSBC supporting customers with UK accounts. In Malta, it was established in November 2006 with a target of 250 full-time employees.

Rob Durke, another long term employee readily explains that the pace of change at the HSBC UK Contact Centre and an enabling environment that lets employees thrive and progress in their career is a hallmark of the company’s culture.

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Rob Durke

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Michael Goonetilleke

“I joined HSBC in 1999 in Swansea as a customer service associate and currently work as a Department Manager with responsibility for up to 100 employees. Some would think that 17 years with the same company is boring. But wearing a number of hats and working with an amazing number of people have ensured there has been never a dull moment. In fact, I think every day brings a new challenge and a new opportunity to learn from someone else or pass on my knowledge to another,” maintains Durke.
This diverse and valuable support system is what has driven the momentum of growth at HBEU, where exciting opportunities exist to join and become part of a great team.
Another testament of the system is James Ryder who joined HSBC in 2003 in Hemel Hempstead as customer service representative on an apprenticeship scheme but who today is a Project Manager in Business Steering and Management (BSM). James’ team are responsible for innovating and managing change across the UKCC network – from customer mailing campaigns to new product launches – from Malta.
“We use a combination of technology services, such as video conference, BlackBerry® and virtual meetings, to deliver change implementation for HSBC UKCC staff around the world. It’s a really stimulating experience. I have discovered my passion for change in recent years and can see myself staying in this line of business for the rest of my career. As for which role, only time will tell,” says James.

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