Wednesday 20 March 2019

Vote for me, I brought you Isle of MTV

The above photo appears in the official Partit Nazzjonalista Facebook fan page with a slogan which reads: “Gvern immexxi mill-PN se jerga’ jgib Isle of MTV. L-aqwa ismijiet fil-qasam tal-muzika fid-dinja biex tgawdihom int f’pajjizna.” (A PN government will once again bring the Isle of MTV. The best names in international music for you to enjoy in our country)

Politicians say all sorts of things to get your vote, but for the PN to use the Isle of MTV as a reason to choose them is making a complete mockery of the political process.

Mind you, what has been happening over the last week hasn’t exactly elevated local political discourse to any great heights.  The vicious infighting which the PN has always been so good at keeping firmly under wraps, has now spilt over into the public area and we are all fascinated at what is being revealed.  Each day brings a new episode in this soap opera, complete with a cliffhanger to make sure you stay tuned.

Before this,  it has always been the various factions with the Labour party which have squabbled publicly,  but now the tables seem to have turned.  Now it is the PN which is starting to sound like a loud, hysterical fishwife cursing her neighbour from across the balcony, and as the colloquial saying goes, “taqlalha l-hama“.

Gone are the days when those running the Nationalist party would sit tight and keep a lid on anything which could harm the “we are all united” facade. These days it’s like they are all engaging in a bar room brawl with plenty of bruised fists and bloody noses.

So, on second thoughts, it is understandable why they would choose the Isle of MTV to try and convince us that they are still the best people to run Malta.  After all, today’s generation doesn’t care about policies….simply make sure there is enough alcohol for alienation,  the entertainment is for free and if they ask any questions, just pump up the volume.

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