Monday 22 April 2019

National Book Prize and Terramaxka Prize – applications


Applications for submissions to the National Book Prize 2018 and Terramaxka Prize are open. As always, the applications are for books published the year before and are open to all local publications in English or Maltese, given the books fall under one of the accepted categories of the Prize. The Prize awards the authors of those publications that are judged to have high literary and cultural merit.

Submissions are to reach the National Book Council by 13 April 2018, together with a completed application form and four copies of the submitted book or books. It is important that the applicant indicates the right category for each submission. There are a total of seven categories: Novel, Short Story, Poetry, Drama, Translation, General Research, and Biographical and Historiographic Reasearch.
Each category is allowed more than one prize as long as the books submitted exceed the 90% mark. This ensures that low-quality work does not get awarded if it is even slightly better than the rest. In fact, it can happen that no winner is chosen for a given category if the required standard was not achieved by any of the entries in that category.  An independent board, appointed specifically and solely for the purpose of adjudicating the Prize, will evaluate the submissions according to a set of criteria. These, along with the applications and regulations, can be downloaded from the National Book Council website.

This year all authors who are awarded the National Book Prize, including the prize for Best Emergent Author and the Lifetime Achievement Award, will receive a monetary prize of €2,000, which is double the amount that has been allocated until now. The winner in the category of novels will also receive funding from the Arts Council for the translation of their work.

Applications with four copies of the submitted books must be sent by post or delivered by hand to Mr Joseph Debattista at the following address:

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