Friday 23 August 2019

Michelle Morrissey exhibits under the pale blue sky

Artist Michelle Morrissey, who has recently opened Studio 104, a fine art gallery in Santa Lucija Street Valletta, is currently exhibiting  a collection of works with the title Under the Pale Blue Sky. The exhibition is open daily from 11am until 5 pm, until February 1.

This exhibition is a vibrant array of drawings, paintings and collage that are inspired by the uniqueness of organic form, juxtaposed with mass produced, ‘throw-away’ packaging and branding symbols that are synonymous with contemporary life.

Imbedded in the fabric of the artworks are sections of materials that ‘hint’ at the whole. Visuals of mass media and sections of Morrissey’s own paintings are collaged into the pictorial space and are highlighted in the subtle, feminine, overall compositions.

The underlying narrative is one of ‘the multiple,’ consumerism and the individual, ‘lost’ amongst the masses.

Society provides us with the images and multiples as a daily lifestyle, leaving the quest for the individual, choice or decision, a unique journey.

This delicate, ‘uplifting’ exhibition brings beauty from the unexpected into lyrical and playful visuals.

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