Monday 25 May 2020

Diploma in Clinical Supervision for Professionals

The Institute of Family Therapy – Malta (IFT- Malta) is introducing a CLINICAL SUPERVISION COURSE aimed at professionals in the mental health a care fields in particular. The training, which is due to commence in October  2019, has been created to target professionally qualified family therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, counsellors and similar. This Supervision Course is meant to prepare these professionals to be able to supervise other professionals in the field. Such supervision is a necessary component of ongoing professional training for the purpose of maintaining good practice, as well as ensuring professional and effective outcomes both for the benefit of the professionals involved, as well as their clients. 

As professionals in the fields know, supervision is a veritable lifeline for therapists of whatever therapeutic modality, throughout their career. There is a high demand for professional supervision since it is recommended that professionals attend individual or group supervision sessions at least once a month. These sessions give them a safe space where to discuss and consult regarding personal and professional development including consultation on difficult cases. Supervision also helps them hone their personal skills at protecting the personhood of the therapists.

The training is based on a transmodal approach with core themes that allow the development of effective, ethical and creative supervision techniques specifically aimed at meeting the needs of various types of professionals. The course fulfils all training requirements for eventual registration as supervisor with the respective Boards.

“The training schedule consists of six week-end blocks spread over a period of nine months.”

The course which is in the process of achieving its final accreditation, will award successful participants with a Diploma in Clinical Supervision at Level 7.

Enquiries can be made at [email protected]. Information:

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