Saturday 11 July 2020

New training in Psychological Therapies

IFT-Malta and Willingness Team are coming together to offer a new training at undergraduate level. The Bachelor Degree in Psychological Therapies is the first training programme of its kind in Europe, and offers an in-depth exposure to different psychological and psychotherapeutic models. It provides an innovative approach and targets individuals who have a keen interest in learning specifically about, and plan for a career in psychotherapy. This course teaches students the fundamentals of psychotherapy and equips them with knowledge, skills and competences in psychotherapy, preparing them for eventual specialist training at Masters level.

The course provides a sound background to major concepts outlining psychotherapy, including history of psychotherapy, theories of change, research in psychotherapy and ethical practice.  The nature of the course is intended to facilitate entry to Masters level and specialist training in any psychotherapeutic modality, including the Masters in Systemic Family Psychotherapy offered by IFT-Malta. It is considered standard practice in psychotherapy that a warrant is obtained only after the Masters level of training is achieved.

The Bachelor Degree in Psychological Therapies is divided into five Modules covering the major areas of the profession, including classical and contemporary theory, the different models in psychotherapy, research, clinical practice and personal and professional development. Training commences October 2019 and applications are now open.

Course designer Dr Charlie Azzopardi from IFT-Malta says: “This Bachelor Degree is an exceptional opportunity for those who already work in the care field as carers, child carers, addiction workers, LSAs, and so on, to become professionals in a growing field. After finishing this course people can work as assistant psychotherapists or pursue a Masters thus furthering their career. Psychotherapists typically work with a lot of different populations including depression, anxiety, psychosis, behavioural problems, relationship issues, addictions, and so on depending on the Masters specialisation they choose. Psychotherapy is a very fulfilling career and helping people get better is very satisfying.”

Course coordinator Matthew Bartolo from Willingness Team says:
“At Willingness we are very excited about this Bachelor Degree in Psychological Therapies, since we believe that the structure of this course will give the opportunity to people who have been working in the field to get the qualifications needed to be able to do deeper work.  We are envisaging that the experience of the same students, together with tutors, will provide solid education for the betterment of our society at large.” 

Course coordinator Karen Bishop from IFT-Malta says:
“This course is the first of its kind as a programme of studies in Malta, in that it offers a thorough and in-depth exposure to the individual psyche, human relations as well as the most popular psychotherapeutic modalities. It is especially appealing to people who need to hold down a full-time job, juggle family and other responsibilities due to the unique course structure offered, namely that of attending lectures for one weekend a month. Learning within small groups is also privileged which means that all students benefit from individual attention thus providing an enriching learning experience.”

Training commences October 2019 and applications are now open.
The Bachelor Degree in Psychological Therapies is accredited by the NCFHE and is eligible for funding under the Get Qualified Scheme.

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