Thursday 15 November 2018

8 Years of YouthReach

It all started from just a dream of a small group of people, to have a socio-spiritual youth group within the village of Attard. Soon it evolved into reality, as a group of youths started meeting weekly as from the 1st of October 2009, and that is how YouthReach was born after a few weeks. From then onwards they never looked back, and together they created a niche where youths could meet up, share opinions and make new friendships.

Youth is indeed a time of discovery, of change and of choices which will have an impact on the future, both on a personal and social level. It is for this reason that this time is precious, indeed a lifetime treasure. The aim of the group was to create a youth community where youths are encouraged to unlock their treasure and share their experiences in search of oneself in the light of relationships with self, others and God.
The word spread. Fourteen people soon became more and more. While it is not about numbers, it was indeed encouraging to see that the group met the expectations of so many youths, not only from Attard but from all around the island.
The beauty of the group still lies in the variety of youths who attend. From students, to full time workers, from those living hundred metres away from the youth centre to those coming from miles away, from sport lovers to couch potatoes. What brings them together however, is their love for the group and one another.
Over the years, the group has organised a variety of meetings: current affair and ethical discussions, voluntary work both locally and abroad, indoor and outdoor games, retreats and live-ins, amongst others. It somehow met and continues to meet the youths’ cravings to be involved in such activities.
As part of the 8th anniversary celebrations, YouthReach has launched a new website ( that showcases the group’s activities and shares some interesting articles and information about the group.
YouthReach has become an integral part of its members’ lives. Together they have created a second family, which provides them with a break from their busy schedules. Like other groups, YouthReach have had downfalls. Yet they always look ahead andis abide by their motto: Be True. Be You. Pursue.

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