Tuesday 31 March 2020

Primary school student campaigns for HSBC’s Water Programme in Malta

A conscientious 8 year old student at Siggiewi Primary School, Nicolai Vella (pictured above)  has shown exemplary initiative by sending a letter to other school children residing in his hometown of Siggiewi, to help promote a recent sustainability event, as part of HSBC’s Water Programme – Catch the Drop campaign, also endorsed by the Ministry for Energy & Health.

One of many students who either in their own capacity, or by representing their school, Nicolai chose to offer his support to HSBC’s Water Programme in Malta which is aimed at raising more awareness about water conservation, while involving students in various water projects,  encouraging their development as pro-active ambassadors for water conservation and environmental sustainability.

The student managed to involve students from different schools, through his initiative for a connected  activity, titled: Jum is-Siggiewi,that started with a short address from Nicolai himself and featured a forum theatre presentation and video delivering water facts, followed by a Q&A session with Malta’s Head of the Water Policy unit, Mr Manuel Sapiano.

Mr Rennie Mercieca, spokesperson for the Ministry for Energy and Health, thanked the boy’s initiative and said, “The energy and commitment shown by Nicolai is a great example to all, as well as a positive sign that the Catch the Drop campaign is being effective at captivating students’ imagination and attention. In fact, this is one of the central objectives of the Catch the Drop Campaign which is reaching out to all students across Malta and Gozo to educate, raise awareness and encourage students to be participating members of society and bring positive change.”

On presenting Nicolai with a memento, Siggiewi mayor, Dr Carol Aquilina joined in praise and remarked, “Achieving sustainable fresh water practices calls for a collective effort and education is key if we are to achieve greater sustainability in the long-term, and it is very encouraging to see younger generations taking an active role to promote environmental initiatives.”

Various water projects are being organised throughout the Catch the Drop’s strategic 3-year campaign which is funded by the HSBC Group and supported by Ministry for Energy and Health. Besides raising awareness about water conservation, the programme also aims at stimulating positive change towards sustainable fresh water use in Malta and Gozo, instilling further dedication from school students, who were awarded letters of commitment by the HSBC Water Programme for turning their conservation ideas a reality.



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