Monday 23 May 2022

Melita employees rally to support less fortunate

Over the recent festive period, Melita employees on their own accord launched a number of initiatives to raise funds for various charities and NGOs. Through these initiatives, employees were able to; fulfil 10 dreams for children through Children’s Dreams, donate food vouchers to the Ursuline Sisters who offer shelter to children unable to live with their natural parents, and donate funds to the RISe Malta Foundation which helps to rehabilitate offenders, to Puttinu Cares which supports cancer patients, to Dar tal-Providenza which provides residential care for people with special needs and Djar Born which supports people suffering from ALS, MS and other Neurological conditions.

Harald Roesch, CEO at Melita Limited, said, “2021 was another challenging year for many, particularly around the festive period. Seeing the contributions made to a number of different causes, I was very proud to note that the people within our organization continue to think about, and support, those who are less fortunate. As a company Melita will also continue to support the community throughout the year and by funding the ongoing work of The Melita Foundation.”

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