Wednesday 01 December 2021

HSBC UKCC renews the vistas of Pembroke

(from left): Vanessa Camilleri, Jay Chircop, and Jan Pisani

Swapping their headsets and keyboards for gloves, more than a dozen team members from the HSBC UK Contact Centre (UKCC) Malta descended on Pembroke to help the picturesque locality bag its street litter in the first of a number of charitable activities planned for 2017.
The group of volunteers picked up domestic and even industrial waste from the surroundings of the iconic Australia Hall, making the area safe for residents and visitors alike, but also, importantly, for the hundreds of students of nearby schools. The cleanup was organised together with the Pembroke Local Council.
Volunteer work is part of the HSBC culture and the company has in place a Voluntary Leave Day programme, which enables employees to take a paid day off of work and effect positive change in the community.
In 2016, volunteers from the HSBC UKCC helped in a number of community-inspired activities, including at the Kids In Development service of the Richmond Foundation, Dar tal-Providenza, Dar Sagra Familja, Europa Donna to name a few.
Pembroke Mayor Dean Hili, who was present with the HSBC UKCC volunteers during the cleanup, said: “As the number of visitors to our beautiful island continues to increase, the importance of working together to keep it clean and inviting only grows. HSBC has demonstrated its commitment to this over and over again, as we have previously worked with HSBC Malta branches in the north and now with the staff of the HSBC UKCC.”


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