Sunday 21 April 2024

HSBC Malta Volunteer Leave Day sees 340 employees helping in the community

Last year, 340 HSBC Malta employees opted to dedicate a day of paid leave to giving a helping hand in the community as part of the Bank’s Volunteer Leave Day initiative.

The scheme entitles HSBC employees to an additional day of paid leave which they can spend volunteering at a charitable or community organisation of their choosing.

Volunteering continues to be a cornerstone of HSBC’s commitment to the community, and the bank was awarded the 2022 National Corporate Voluntary Organisation by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector.

The Volunteer Leave Day initiative enables members of staff to dedicate a day to any of a variety of community partners working across different segments of the community which are supported by HSBC.

Participants in the scheme, which will be extended into 2023, overwhelmingly said that the experience was both enlightening and rewarding and one they would happily repeat.

A group of colleagues from the bank’s finance team spent a day at the Soup Kitchen in Valletta helping with tasks ranging from washing the floors to packing lunches and everything in between. They even set up a Christmas tree and decorated the premises to add a touch of joy during the holiday season.

“Our visit to the soup kitchen was an eye opener and a very humbling experience that made us appreciate what we have in life. It really adds perspective to a lot of the things we make a fuss about, but which are insignificant in the grand scheme of things,” one employee said of the experience.

Another group of employees helped with Malta’s historical heritage by assisting Heritage Malta wash ancient pottery fragments at Hagar Qim Temples. Armed with a toothbrush and a bowl of water, they painstakingly cleaned pottery fragments while looking out for engravings or markings that might merit further investigation.

HSBC Bank Malta employees also had the opportunity to help build paths for the public at the Salina Nature reserve, as well as to lend a hand at Dar Hosea, which offers care and support, as well as a safe environment to women. They helped with maintenance and other tasks and helped buy groceries and other necessities, ending the day by participating in a panel discussion about the harsh realities of prostitution in Malta.

“We are proud of the positive impact that our Volunteer Leave Day initiative has on both our team and the community,” said Simon Vaughan Johnson, HSBC Malta CEO. “This initiative not only allows our employees to give back to the community, but it also provides a unique opportunity to learn and support people within the community we serve.”