Monday 08 August 2022

HSBC Malta Foundation supports Dr Klown

The HSBC Malta Foundation continues to support Dr Klown, the NGO which for many years has entertained children receiving care at Mater Dei Hospital.  The Foundation, in fact, recently presented a €7,500 donation to the organisation which was initially inspired by the world-renowned movie Patch Adams.

Dr Klown has now been active for a decade, having been set up in 2010.  With the help of volunteers, it continues to help in-patient children at Mater Dei Hospital and Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre by bringing fun and laughter to their wards.

Caroline Buhagjar Klass, Head of Human Resources and Corporate Sustainability at HSBC Malta said, “Dr Klown have always done a fantastic job helping children and their families during very tough and challenging times. There’s no doubt that laughter can bring real benefits in these circumstances.  HSBC Malta Foundation has always focused on supporting children who are facing health, educational or social challenges and we will continue to support the community that we serve.”

Whilst thanking HSBC Malta Foundation for their continuous support, Dr Klown’s President Eric Muscat said, “HSBC’s support to Dr Klown is overwhelming and very much appreciated especially during these difficult times of the pandemic.  Our Clown Doctors are currently undergoing further training and retraining to help them adjust to Virtual Clowning which is currently the only mode of reaching out to the children who need us.  Anyone who knows of a child who needs visiting can reach us on”.

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