Tuesday 23 July 2024

Hospice Malta Celebrates Milestones at 35th Annual General Meeting

Hospice Malta, the local NGO providing free palliative care services, recently held its 35th Annual General Meeting at the newly developed St. Michael Hospice. During her address, Ms. Bernadette Bonnici Kind, Chairperson of Hospice Malta, said that 2023 had been one of significant progress and dedication, emphasising the importance of ongoing efforts to enhance services and complete the new facility. The meeting provided an opportunity to update the members and public on the organisation’s achievements, challenges, and upcoming initiatives.

During 2023, Hospice Malta assisted 1,446 families, with the clinical team conducting over 37,000 assessments. Equipment loans exceeded 2,500 pieces, and care assistants provided nearly 27,000 hours of home care. The after-hours on-call service remained crucial, often preventing unnecessary emergency hospital visits.

To ensure high-quality service, patient care plans were regularly reviewed, and benchmarking exercises were conducted. Annual evaluations of physical, psychosocial, and bereavement support interventions demonstrated significant improvements. A survey sent to all patients and relatives yielded an excellent satisfaction rate.

Fundraising initiatives, including the Sunflower campaign, Hospice lottery, telethon, and various seasonal activities, remain vital for sustaining the free services offered. Hospice Malta also renewed agreements with the Ministry of the Family and the Ministry of Health, securing essential operational funds.

Investments in human resources included hiring additional palliative care professionals and administrative staff, as well as strengthening its Managerial structure. Volunteers contributed over 11,600 hours of support, with their efforts recognised through various appreciation events.

The works at St. Michael Hospice are nearly complete, with the objective of inauguration later this year. Supported through funds from EU, NDSF, local companies, foundations and the general public, this project will further increase Hospice’s ability to support more patients.

Hospice Malta CEO, Kenneth Delia, noted how Hospice focuses on standards to maintain high-quality service provision. This is achieved through investment in the right resources as well as through the support of all involved. A number of testimonials were also shared during his presentation. The meeting concluded with Mr. Vladimiro Comodini, the Treasurer of Hospice Malta, presenting the annual financial statements for the year ending December 2023.

As Hospice Malta looks forward to finalising the St. Michael Hospice project, the public and business community is encouraged to participate in the upcoming telethon fundraiser titled “L-Aħħar pass,” which will take place on 7 July 2024 from 11am to 11pm. This event aims to support the completion of the new hospice facility. For more information including the details of the financial report, as well as how one can support Hospice Malta, visit www.hospicemalta.org.

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