Wednesday 08 April 2020

Slam dunk fitness with Kellogg’s sponsored Skolasport basketball sessions

Every Friday evening, a group of 61 boys and girls aged between 7 and 16, practice and hone their basketball skills at the Cottonera Sports Complex. The Kellogg’s-sponsored #OnTheMove Skolasport programme is designed to help the participants develop from a young age the skills needed to compete at competitive levels.
Ruben Baldacchino, SportMalta Head Coach at Cottonera Sports Complex, said: “Basketball is one of the most demanding sports when it comes to cardiovascular conditioning and it’s an entertaining form of exercise for many children. Whether you’re grabbing a rebound, dribbling while keeping your eyes on what’s around you, passing to a teammate or shooting the ball, your brain is working just as hard as the rest of your body.”
Mr Baldacchino further explained how playing basketball at an early age sets children up for future achievements in situations that require teamwork, such as group projects in school or meetings at work.

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“A dozen players workings towards the same goal requires sacrifice, unselfishness and teamwork. Learning how to work together with others is a vital skill in life that goes far beyond sports,” he added.
#OnTheMove Skolasport is organised by SportMalta and sponsored by Kellogg’s, the world’s leading producer of breakfast cereal. Skolasport offers training in various sports complexes and localities giving participants the opportunity to choose their favourite sport and place of training.
Kellogg’s is sponsoring #OnTheMove Skolasport for the 17th consecutive year as part of its commitment to promote physical activities and the importance of a balanced diet among the Maltese community.
For further information about basketball classes, or any other sport disciplines practiced at #OnTheMove SkolaSport, one can contact the Programmes Section at the SportMalta Head Office on tel. 2203 6000 or via e-mail:  [email protected] or visit the SportMalta website:

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