Sunday 05 April 2020

First Ying Qi Gong masterclass in Malta

A masterclass about Ying Qi Gong, a type of martial art that is relatively unknown in Malta, was delivered by Grand Master Daniele Zanni, supported by his disciple Leonardo Barilaro, at Deep Med Yoga and Freediving Center, directed by Lyndsay Bilodeau and Fabrice Bonello du Pui. Ying Qi Gong develops mental strength, improves overall health and increases athletic performance through vital energy training.


“Qi” works on different levels of self-awareness. The masterclass served to improve the participants’ focus, relaxation, overall health and athletic performance through “Qi” circulation and reversed forced breathing exercises, which also develops the body’s senses. The “Qi” theory channels the feel and control aspects of the individual while strengthening vital energy. Centering, creating structure, foot positioning, “tan tien” work and breathing cycle helped in body alignment.  Utilizing the core for freediving practice, participants learned how to do exercises based on relaxation through compression breathing and energy storing. After the seven hour long session, the training effects were tested in the water.

Born in Italy in 1952, Grand Master Daniele Zanni began his training in martial arts in the early 1970s. Since 1986, he has travelled to China frequently, to study Wushu Kung Fu, TaiQi Quan, Qi Gong, amongst other styles, with famous Masters like Kan Gui Xiang, Xu Hao, Zhang Heng and Liu Yu Ping . He also studied the Chinese medicine and Chinese language at Liao Ning Da Xue University in Sheng Yang City.
Nowadays, Grand Master Daniele Zanni practices, teaches and collaborates with many Wushu associations helping to spread and develop Chinese Martial Arts in Italy. He organizes stages, prepares athletes for competitions and continues to study with great masters. He is president and technical director of A.S.D. White Tiger in Modena, and an international martial arts referee.
More information about Ying Qi Gong is available from [email protected]
or +356 9994 7893

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