Monday 06 April 2020

Vodafone announces that 4G is now available for all its customers

In November last year Vodafone proved once again that it has the best mobile network on the island by being the first service provider to bring 4G to Malta. Kicking off with the localities with the highest demand for mobile data, Valletta, Sliema and St Julian’s, by September this year this coverage had increased to over fifteen locations and with over 60% of the Maltese population able to benefit from the 4G revolution.
Vodafone is proud to announce that 4G coverage is now available to all its prepaid and contractual customers enabling them to experience the many advantages that 4G has to offer.
The fact that Vodafone is the only mobile operator to invest in a 4G network in Malta underlines its core belief that its customers deserve the very best from mobile technology and to benefit from all the advantages that the very latest developments and improvements in this technology bring with them.
In terms of 4G these advantages simply mean that the speed and ease of using mobile data is drastically increased, making accessing information from a tablet or smart phone is less of a frustrating chore and more of a hassle-free experience that will typically be up to ten times faster than when using 3G.
The advantages to all those who increasingly use their mobile phone for entertainment or business purposes are clear. People are now using the internet in every area of their daily lives, whether it is watching a film to unwind in the evening after a hard day’s work, listening to music, booking a flight, shopping for necessities or luxuries or even checking on their children’s progress at school. While all this can be done on a 3G network, the advantage of 4G is that downloading data will now be so much faster. This empowers customers to use the internet on their mobile devices wherever they are and whenever they wish to without having to wait. No more buffering or lengthy downloading of data, but instant results. No wonder Vodafone has launched this service with the slogan ‘Power to those who won’t wait’.
Vodafone is introducing two main 4G data bundles:
o A 500MB bundle @ as little as €5/month, available on Prepaid Plans, Red lite, RED and RED Basic, and
o A 1GB bundle @ €9/month, available on RED Basic, RED and RED Premium
Customers are invited to obtain more information on 4G by visiting one of Vodafone’s stores or by visiting

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