Sunday 04 December 2022

The second edition of the T-21 Publication published today

The second edition of the Transport Malta Quarterly T-21 is being published today.  The first edition was launched earlier in January this year. The T-21 is a new Transport Malta publication with the aim to bring Transport Malta closer to the public and to society at large including the Authority’s stake holders. This publication is also a means of informing the public about the Authority’s latest initiatives, projects and policies as well as to provide useful  information to the general public on a number of services offered by Transport Malta.

This publication, which is the first of its kind for Transport Malta, covers the latest news and information on initiatives taken by the Authority from time to time.  The publication includes content on related Transport Infrastructure, Sustainable Mobility, Intelligent Transport Systems, Enforcement, Logistics as well as Education and Services. The list of subjects goes on and on, especially in view of the horizontal issues that cut across transportation, which most of the time affect our way of life.

The second edition includes a number of interesting articles with features amongst others on the Land Transport Directorate, the Grand Harbour clean-up which is currently underway, a special coverage on the removal of the two jack-up rigs from the Grand Harbour, a feature on driving licences, all you need to know about vehicle number plates as well as Q and A on vehicle registration and vehicle scrapping. Two other interesting articles are about the Hydrography Unit and the GIS Unit which are two very specialised and important units within Transport Malta.

The second edition also includes contributions from the Hon Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects – Dr. Ian Borg, from the Chairman and CEO of Transport Malta – Mr. Joseph Bugeja and from the Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Authority – Mr. Kevin Farrugia.

The editor of the publication is Peter Paul Barbara, who is a Director within the Office of the Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Transport Malta. The publication is produced with the collaboration and assistance of the Authority’s Marketing Department.

The publication is available on the website of Transport Malta.

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