Friday 03 April 2020

Replicas of the original Rancé perfumes only at Franks

The lives of Napoleon and François Rancé founder of the Rancé perfumery, crossed in Paris. Napoleon, the great leader and perfume lover, demanded François the most famous perfumer of the time, to attend his ateleier and be his apprentice so that he could reach the heart of an art which fascinated him.
This was a great honour for François. He – the acknowledged king of perfumery – had left the South of France for Paris. With great pleasure he devoted himself to his extraordinary pupil, the ruler of France.

Napoleon’s passion for perfume grew after this experience, and Rancé’s admiration and devotion to Napoleon and his family became enormous. These sentiments, which François passed on to his descendants and which were a constant throughout various Rancé generations, gave rise to the perfumes which Rancé dedicated to the heroes and heroines of the Napoleonic era.

Jeanne Sandra Rancé has today gone through the family archives and picked out the most precious gems. These extraordinary perfumes live again thanks to her. They are a first-hand account of an age of delightful elegance and great creativity.

The perfumes, the bottles and the labels are replicas of the originals.

Only found at Franks Plaza.

For more information contact 23882110.


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