Sunday 04 December 2022

RecruitGiant expands into Cyprus

RecruitGiant, one of Malta’s leading recruiters of Third Country National (TCN) employees, is continuing its expansion across Europe with the setting up of a new company in Cyprus. The new venture, which complements RecruitGiant’s existing activities in the Baltics, Eastern Europe and France, will be led by Indre Miliauskaite. Ms Miliauskaite is a specialist in TCN recruitment and training who has been Head of Human Resources at RecuitGiant in Malta for the past two years, having previously occupied roles within the Mizzi Organisation and Malta Public Transport.
Ms Miliauskaite said, “After nearly a decade working in human resources in Malta, I am looking forward to this new challenge of leading the RecruitGiant team in Cyprus. Our focus has always been to find the best possible candidates for our clients while ensuring all parties involved get all the support they need to succeed. With this attitude, I have every confidence that in Cyprus we will be able to replicate our success in other markets.”
Tomas Mikalauskas, CEO at RecuitGiant, said, “The recruitment of TCNs to the EU is a complex process in any country but thanks to our wholehearted commitment to doing things properly we have managed to build a successful business in Malta and beyond. Despite the challenges and abuse that unfortunately does exist in this sector, we believe that our model which is based on being transparent and supportive to both employers and employees, will provide the foundation for renewed success in Cyprus.”

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