Thursday 06 October 2022

Oxford House launches the Dorelanbed Concept Store in Mriehel

Oxford House Ltd launched the new Dorelanbed Concept Store in Notabile Road, Mriehel with an official opening at the end of April. The 300m² designer showroom showcases an array of 100% ‘Made in Italy’ products that range from beds, pillows and mattresses to bed linen.
Dorelanbed will introduce to the local market a range of luxurious products that will aide customers in creating a complete bedroom setting, ensuring well-being during sleep. The new Dorelanbed Concept Store in Malta will be the go – to store for customers who seek unique bedroom furniture.
Dorelanbed was founded in 1968 in Forli’, Italy by Pietro Paolo Bergamaschi and Diano Tura. Their partnership Dorelan B&T S.p.A is nowadays regarded as a global presence in the bedding industry. It specializes in the production of mattresses, pillows, headboards, bed bases and linen that are widely used for domestic, hospitality and even naval use.
During the inauguration Mr Marco Galea, Managing Director at Oxford House LTD, pointed out that through Dorelan, the company has been offering its clients a range of beds, mattresses and pillows for over 8 years. Mr Galea went on to explain that thanks to the opening of this new Concept Store, the company will now be able to draw its clients towards the Dorelanbed brand philosophy of ensuring quality of sleep. This is not only through acquiring a bed or mattress, but in keeping in mind the complete ambience and comfort of your bedroom. He explained that, “Through the brand’s innovative outlook, our philosophy is to improve the quality of sleep for all customers as well as to elevate their relaxation moments”
The Chairman of Oxford House Ltd, Mr John Galea, expressed his satisfaction at partnering with B & T Dorelan and how Oxford House Ltd now has the pride of introducing such high quality products to the local market. Mr Galea went on to say how the new Dorelanbed Concept Store is the latest milestone by Oxford House Ltd and that it encompasses all the investment that the company has made throughout the past years.
The opening of Dorelanbed Concept Store was also attended by Mr Simone Babbini, Export Manager of preso B & T Dorelan. Mr Babbini explained how Dorelanbed builds on a decade of experience, up to date research, innovation and outstanding technology. All of this is to seek a good quality of life for its customers by introducing the ‘Bed in Italy’ worldwide. “We are satisfied to have partnered with such a reliable and renowned local brand as is Oxford House, who have been offering quality products to many families and commercial entities in Malta for numerous years now”.
Dorelanbed store will be offering an array of mattress and pillow compositions to suit all the customers’ needs as well as offering personalized comfort. The range of beds and headboards are stitched to perfection and available in a variety of fabrics and colours, giving the client the luxury of personalizing any bedroom ambience. Alongside these products, customers may also wish to complement their bedroom by purchasing matching linen of high quality fabrics or a Dorelan Duvet.
The Dorelanbed Concept Store is now open in Notabile Road Mriehel, in close proximity to the Oxford House building. For more information, one may call on 21443872 or visit The local Facebook page ‘Dorelanbed’ offers various updates and further information on the brand’s products.


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