Saturday 22 June 2024

Owen Leuellen Continues Momentum with release of Latest Track ‘Can’t Be Stopped’

Owen Leuellen, the dynamic and versatile artist, reaffirms his creative dynamics with the launch of his newest track ‘Can’t Be Stopped,’ following the success of his recent album ‘Out Of Darkness.’

While ‘Can’t Be Stopped’ may not boast the same commercial appeal as previous hits like ‘Flavour’ and ‘Juice,’ it shines a spotlight on Leuellen’s unparalleled storytelling prowess and the authentic emotion woven into his delivery. Leuellen emphasizes the importance of maintaining a balance between commercial and less mainstream tracks, a strategy he believes resonates deeply with his dedicated fan base, keeping his artistry genuine and relatable.

Shot during his time in Los Angeles last year, the accompanying music video adds another layer of depth to Leuellen’s compelling storytelling.

As Owen Leuellen continues to push creative boundaries, ‘Can’t Be Stopped’ serves as a testament to his unwavering dedication to authentic expression and artistic integrity.

YouTube Music Video: