Saturday 27 February 2021

New self-help book by Rita Briffa

Rita Briffa has written a book about self-healing in an effort to share how she has overcome her own struggles.

“My journey through life was always an uphill struggle. As an only child, influenced by my parents’ strong religious beliefs I was left believing that their way was the only way to life and I fell into a space where questioning was met with a barrage of opposition.

Facing an unknown illness in my younger years I was flown to the UK for medical diagnosis; I spent many long hours alone and scared in unfamiliar surroundings. Returning home with a diagnosis that I would have to live with for the rest of my life; I retreated to a space of loneliness and solitude.

I felt hard done by from the actions of others, whether from childhood experiences, feeling a lack of parental love, breakdown of relationships and on the wrong path. Then luckily, I stumbled across a variety of holistic therapies. Divine intervention guided me to the right path that led to my own healing journey. I started shifting my perspectives on life. My idealism gave way to my realism. I started giving meaning to my pains and no longer suffered with illness. Everything became synchronized. I changed my attitude on life. I listened to my inner guidance and manifested the life of my dreams – living with passion and self-love. It wasn’t all easy – but it was worth it.

Writing down my thoughts has been with me for many years. In my University years, filled with ideals, writing verse was my means of protesting. I found relief in writing down my lamentations. The more I struggled with life, the more my life was a constant uphill journey.

Today I live with passion far from the maddening crowd. I am totally committed to holistic therapies that healed me spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. I am happy with the now. I am grateful to the little things in my life. Forgiveness welcomed abundance in my life.

Now my writing has one sole aim – to inspire and empower others. I write to share my experience, guiding others to help themselves and succeed in healing their bodies and lives by loving themselves more.”

‘My Way to Success – Through Healing Self-Love’: An autobiography with a difference.

“Like many others I faced challenges in life. But thanks to holistic therapies I transcended my pains into wisdom. I grew and am grateful to my past. It made me what I am today. So it is not a narrative on my life alone. Through prominent episodes throughout my life I guide my readers on a journey to find fulfilment and achieve a healthy mind, body and life.

While reading through, the chapters subtly open your sub conscious mind, body, and soul. There will be shifts and changes within you as you read, a whole new world of enlightenment to see who you really are, face the shadows within, understand your soul contracts and learn what Love really is. A process of unfolding another perspective to death, stubbornness or perseverance and guidelines at the crossroads in life. Follow your intuition, dreams, and ambitions; it only takes one small step on your chosen path to reach SUCCESS!

I now, not only live a life filled with success, I thrive on helping others to heal and live with passion too through my consultancy and therapy work at Wellbeing Consultancy Malta.”

“A truly magical book to transform your life and begin to heal yourself.

As you turn the pages an experience like no other unfolds.”

Nicola Simpson

Yellow Rose Publishing

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