Sunday 01 October 2023


Season 1 of X Factor Malta introduced them to each other and paved the way for them to become household names. This week Owen Leuellen and Luke Chappell release the music video for their collaboration single ‘Dear God’.

Both Leuellen and Chappell have come a long way since their room auditions that introduced them to the world back in 2018 and both of them have solidified their presence as artists and songwriters with a string of hits to their name. They have without a doubt become more than one-hit wonders.

‘Dear God’ is Leuellen’s first release for 2023 and is featured on Owen Leuellen’s debut album ‘Dreams’. It’s lyrics speak about the journey we go through in life while we are trying to achieve our dreams and battle the self doubt that may be fueled by some around us.

‘’ Dear God, I’m asking for just one thing
it’s nothing special neither Money, power nor fame
I’m asking for something I need
Its something small
to take away the greed and catch me when I’m bout to fall
Catch me when I’m bout to fall ‘’

We don’t know what the future holds but we are sure that it will include more hits from both Owen Leuellen and Luke Chappell.

Music Video:
Owen Leuellen :
Luke Chappell:

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