Thursday 21 October 2021

Melita provides Gozo Fast Ferry customers with free WiFi service

Gozo Fast Ferry has partnered with Melita Business to equip its vessels operating between Valletta and Mgarr with WiFi access. Thanks to the installation of WiFi Hardware and mobile data on both ferry boats, Gozo Fast Ferry Limited provides its passengers with free internet connectivity throughout their journey using the most advanced high speed mobile network in Malta.

A spokesperson at Gozo Fast Ferry Limited, said, “Research has shown that WiFi access is one of the most important parts of the passenger experience. 65 per cent of guests go online within minutes of boarding a ferry, with many sharing images of their experience through social media or taking the opportunity to catch up with their business emails. Thanks to our agreement with Melita Business, all passengers using Gozo Fast Ferry will enjoy uninterrupted high-speed connectivity.”

Malcolm Briffa, Director of Business Services at Melita Limited, said, “Providing connectivity for customers helps to enhance their experience. Whether on a ferry, in a retail outlet, or in an office block, customers will always appreciate a high speed WiFi service. Melita Business, through its 1,000Mbps nationwide fixed internet network, 5G mobile network and WiFi services is well placed to ensure connectivity on the move for businesses and their customers, even when they are in the middle of the sea between Malta and Gozo.”

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