Monday 06 April 2020

Liquigas Malta reduces refundable deposit on cylinders by €15

As from Tuesday 1st July 2014, Liquigas will reduce the refundable deposit on all its portable cylinders from €25 to €10 on requiring a new service meaning an additional cylinder without returning an empty one. The €10 deposit is the minimum legal amount for each cylinder as per LPG Market Regulation.

Liquigas intends to promote and incentivise the use of LPG in cylinders in particular for new applications such as water gas heaters.

Customers are advised to ask specifically for the official Liquigas receipt from the gas distributor as seen on the attached photo, and they should not accept any other document issued by the distributor himself. They need to retain the Liquigas receipt just in case in future they want to return the cylinder to Liquigas and be entitled to the refund of the amount indicated on the receipt.

Distributors are obliged by law, to issue the proper Liquigas deposit receipt indicating the exact amount of the deposit paid by the customer to Liquigas.

Customers wishing to return a cylinder will be refunded in full according to the value as shown on the Liquigas receipt even if issued previously with a different amount

As provided by the LPG Market Regulation, an amount of €5 will be refunded in case the customer decides to return the cylinder without any receipt.



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