Sunday 21 April 2024


Lidl Malta, a leading retail chain on the Maltese islands, has been awarded the Equality Mark certificate by the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE). This prestigious recognition is a testament to Lidl Malta’s unwavering commitment to creating a workplace that is equitable and inclusive for all employees.

The Equality Mark is a voluntary certification scheme that is awarded to entities that demonstrate a commitment to promoting equality and diversity in the workplace. To earn this certification, Lidl Malta underwent a rigorous assessment process that included a review of their policies and practices, a survey of their employees and an on-site visit by an NCPE inspector.

“We are incredibly proud to have been certified with the NCPE Equality Mark certification,” said Marc Psaila Soler, Lidl Malta’s HR Manager, “This achievement is a reflection of our deep commitment to fostering a workplace where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to reach their full potential. We are confident that this commitment will not only benefit our employees but also contribute to a more equitable and inclusive society as a whole.”

Lidl Malta has taken a proactive approach to promoting equality and diversity in the workplace, exceeding legal requirements and implementing initiatives that go above and beyond the call of duty. This commitment is evident in the Company’s offering of a new parent’s gift pack to its employees who welcome a new addition to their family its transparency in publishing the starting salary for all vacancies published on the Company’s career’s website and its education bonus programme which helps support employees’ children in their educational endeavours, from primary school all the way up to University, amongst other initiatives.