Thursday 01 June 2023

Key Changes: Enhancing Light Passenger Transport Vehicle Operations

Through amendments in Subsidiary Legislation 499.68, operators and drivers who operate Light Passenger Transport Vehicles (LPTVs) will have two months (i.e. till 23rd July 2023) to regularize themselves with the following conditions.
These conditions include:

  1. Garage Space Confirmation:
    LPTV operators will now be required to submit an architect’s report confirming the availability of adequate garage space when applying for or renewing their operator’s license and, or a legal private off-street parking space for their exclusive use where to park their vehicles while these are not in use. This amendment will ensure that LPTV operators can efficiently store their vehicles and maintain an organized operational setup.
  2. New Requirements for LPTVs:
    Several new requirements will be introduced to streamline the functioning of LPTVs. These include:
    a. Parking Regulations:
    LPTVs will now legally park on the road for up to one hour using a parking disc. However, specific restrictions apply: LPTVs must maintain a minimum distance of 250 meters from taxi stands at ferry landing sites and other designated areas/sites, or a minimum distance of 100 meters from other taxi stands. Additionally, LPTVs must be at least 15 meters away from bus stops.
    These new guidelines ensure efficient traffic flow while providing convenient parking options for LPTVs.
    b. Flexibility during Driver’s Working Hours:
    LPTVs will no longer be obliged to return to the garage if they are available for booking during the driver’s working hours. This change allows for greater operational flexibility, reducing downtime and increasing the availability of LPTVs for passengers, and reduce travelling time from the garage to the identified work area.
    c. Time Restrictions with Drivers Inside the Vehicle:
    LPTVs parked on the road with the driver inside the vehicle will be exempt from time restrictions. However, they must still adhere to the distance restrictions from taxi stands and bus stops. This change will allow drivers to take short breaks without impeding passenger service. The authority is currently exploring the possibility of introducing digital geofencing and will have meetings with the operators to discuss this matter in the coming weeks.
    These amendments underscore our commitment to fostering an efficient and user-friendly transport system that caters to the evolving needs of both operators and passengers.

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