Wednesday 22 May 2024

International survey rates Melita best mobile service provider for value for money

Consumers have chosen Melita Limited as Malta’s best mobile service provider for price-quality ratio, according to the latest Swiss independent research.

Carried out by the International Certification Association — ICERTIAS — based in Zurich, Melita outperformed the competition and won the highest number of votes for providing the best price-quality ratio.

Melita CEO, Harald Roesch welcomed these results and said: “For us, reliability is key across all our services, and being able to provide good value for money for our customers at a time of economic instability remains a priority to ensure an enhanced customer experience.”

The survey was carried out online among 1,200 respondents who were asked an open-ended question: “Which mobile telephone service provider (in general) in your personal experience offers the best price-quality ratio on the Maltese market?”

The highest number of respondents replied “Melita”, which saw the organisation clinch the prestigious award for Malta, securing the Best Buy Award certification for the year 2023/2024 in the “Mobile Service Provider” category.

According to the research, consumers seek the most affordable products and services, but they do not want to forsake quality — if two competitors offer a similar product at the same price, they will happily choose the one they believe provides higher quality and greater value.

ICERTIAS remarked: “Winning first place in this survey is a significant achievement for Melita and a confirmation that its products and offerings stand for the best price and quality.”

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