Tuesday 07 April 2020

Giraudi hand-made chocolates at Talbot & Bons

Above: An assortment of Amaretti Marengo

The newly opened Talbot & Bons outlet at Skyparks at Malta International Airport has secured the local representation of Giraudi, a specialty chocolatier inPiedmont,Italy.

A compact team of highly skilled craftsmen operate from brand new premises at Castellazzo Bormida, half way betweenTurinandMilan. The family have been in business for more than a century, operating a flour mill and a bakery but it was only in the Sixties of the last century that it started producing the chocolate for which it has now become famous.

The current owner, Giacomo Boidi, learned his trade from his two uncles, Giovanni Battista Giraudi, a chocolate manufacturer, and Paolino Boidi, a confectioner. Together, they instilled a passion in the job that is almost an art.

Among the well known delicacies and typical Piedmontese recipes for which he is renowned are chocolate salami, Amaretti Marengo, hazelnut cake, Lady’s Kisses, Polenta di Alessandria and Giacometta, a hazelnut cream dedicated to Gianduja’s wife, ‘loving mother of Giandujotti chocolates’. This cream owes its exceptional quality to very high percentage of Piedmont hazelnuts used in its production (32%) and to the careful balance between the various ingredients.

There is a vast array of chocolates made from forms specifically designed by Giacomo Boidi, from chocolates that look like make-up to patented designs that are produced only in his ‘laboratory’, apart from a host of seasonal offerings – Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and Halloween.

“Having visited the laboratorio of Giraudi, met the family and seen the high standards they have set themselves, apart from tasting their products, it is indeed an honour for the distinguished family from Piedmont to be giving their agency to Talbot & Bons,” Alan Mercieca Bons, Director of Talbot & Bons said.

This is the first of a series of prestigious brand names that will be found at Talbot & Bons. Amy Talbot, Director of Talbot & Bons, adds: “This exciting project has now come to fruition and we look forward to reaching a whole new clientele at Malta International Airport’s Skyparks business centre before too long.”


A selection of the Giraudi display at the new Talbot & Bons outlet at Skyparks at Malta International Airport






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