Tuesday 23 July 2024

GasanMamo Insurance supports Military Vehicles Collectors Club

Malta’s leading insurance company, GasanMamo has recently supported the journey of around twenty members of the Military Vehicles Collectors Club to Normandy, France to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the historic D-Day landings of the 6th June 1944. D-Day is celebrated as the first time the Allies set foot again in Europe after Dunkirk and was the beginning of the end of the Nazi regime which was eventually destroyed in May 1945 in Berlin.

The MVCC is a Club for enthusiasts of ex-Military vehicles both WWII and Post WWII. For this special event, thousands of enthusiasts poured to the north west of France from all over the UK, Europe and beyond. Amongst them the Maltese contingent which had loaded a 40-foot trailer with fourteen WWII motorcycles, two jeeps and a standard utility. Members of MVCC spent almost a fortnight touring the Normandy countryside visiting the numerous museums, landing beaches, cemeteries and other places of interest.

“We are proud that we have supported and assisted the Maltese delegation for such a historical event in France. D-day was the largest ever military invasion force in history and involved immense resources, thousands of ships, tens of thousands of various vehicles and aircraft and hundreds of thousands of men. At GasanMamo we strongly believe that it is our responsibility to reaffirm our commitment in supporting local enthusiasts hailing from different collectors’ clubs in Malta. We appreciate their dedication, input and time hence we feel it’s our duty to support them and facilitate their mission,” said Mark Mamo, General Manager.

Stephen Zerafa, one of the members of MVCC who was present in Normandy, thanked GasanMamo for their help as he recalled some of the memorable moments of this beautiful and historical journey. “We stood in humble gratitude upon meeting the few remaining veterans, now mostly in wheelchairs in their late nineties, who managed to make the trip to France. I was honoured to shake the hand of one of them. The visit to the Normandy American Cemetery in Colleville-sur-Mere, with its 9,380 fallen was particularly moving,” said Mr Zerafa.

Earlier this month, various world leaders attended ceremonies honouring Allied forces who fought in the largest combined land, air and naval operation in history. Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron thanked veterans who took part in June 1944. US President Donald Trump called former US soldiers “the pride of the nation”.

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