Monday 08 August 2022

Fantastical characters come to life through HSBC Catch the Drop

In its efforts to champion water conservation in Malta, HSBC’s Water Programme – Catch the Drop sought to awaken the hidden creative in every youngster and enlist their talents into inspiring others to understand how to save our planet.
An enthralling storybook, ‘Il-Vjaġġ ta’ Mila’ (The journey of Mila), designed and written by the students of San Ġorg Preca College Ħamrun ĠP Primary students, is just the latest in a string of publications which have become a reality thanks to the support of the HSBC campaign.
To-date, the Programme has helped with the publication of over 45,000 printed materials – all with the theme of water conservation. These include a booklet called ‘Ġiġi and the Water’, a colouring book named ‘Harvey the Lifestyle Dog®’, an informational booklet about the Catch the Drop programme, and a Maltese-language comic book ‘Qatra Qatra’. Meanwhile, another sponsored book, Djamantini, won this year’s National Book Fair in the Children’s Book Section (13-16 year olds) category. Djamantini’s section on water featured a number of poems, narratives, and stories on the subject.
Distribution of these publications collectively reached schools, hotels, hospitals, and even Malta International Airport. In addition to printing production, the campaign’s sponsorship of water projects and public outreach initiatives has included presentations, theatre shows, site visits and more.
The HSBC Water Programme – Catch the Drop is the largest ever national environmental and educational campaign of its kind in Malta, and aims to forge a blueprint for progress on sustainability of water as a resource. It’s aimed to educate every school-going child in Malta – comprising nearly 50,000 students – and encourages schools, corporates, NGOs, general public, and local councils to actively participate in water-conservation issues.

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