Wednesday 08 April 2020

Design and win your own Opel ADAM

Since its introduction in 2013, the Opel ADAM has been winning over the public with its sporty esprit and as a stylish statement from the heart of Europe. The individualisation champion – the only car you can actually personalize according to your taste and style – is especially inspiring to the young and young-at-heart target groups.

Boosting the motto ADAM & YOU onto the next level, Opel is driving its successful online campaign #ADAMyourself ( ), providing a forum for enthusiastic co-creators, giving individuals the opportunity to design their very own Opel ADAM with the chance of winning it and seeing their model exclusively manufactured by Opel as a Limited Edition.

The campaign is running in 15 countries, including Malta. For each participating country, there will be one limited edition Opel ADAM at the end of the campaign. This underlines the idea: “One car. A thousand personalities”.

The winner will be determined by the Opel judging panel where they would be presented with the top 10 most voted ADAMs locally. The winner will visit Germany for the photoshoot as he/she will also be part of the ADAM advertising campaign kicking off in September this year.

Ten young, hip and commercial fashion and lifestyle bloggers from all over Europe are also living out their enthusiasm for the ADAM, championing the campaign by designing their own inspirational urban car, giving examples to their followers how they can personalize their car according to their own, individual taste and freedom. Nicoletta Reggio – Italian Fashion Blogger, Scent of Obsession website – is the influencer chosen for Malta.

Nicoletta has become one of the most followed fashion bloggers in Italy thanks to her contributions on glossies and fashion websites like Harper’s Bazaar,,, Glamour and Marie Claire. She is also a regular on Fashion TV, Grazia TV, Fashion Camp and Sky Class Life.

For the ADAM campaign, Nicoletta keeps updating her followers how to track trends, what styles are in today – and why the Opel ADAM is the perfect car to give free reign to their own creativity and personality.

“With #ADAMyourself we are exactly in the place that’s bustling with fans and future ADAM drivers – the social media channels,” says Opel Chief Marketing Office Tina Müller, describing the online campaign. “Together with the stars of the digital lifestyle scene, we are not only very close to the style trends of the target groups, we also invite them to become a part of ADAM and express their personality and creativity in this unique car.”


How to create and win your own Opel ADAM

Anyone can participate in the #ADAMyourself campaign where participants are encouraged to customise their favourite ADAM model with body colours, roof top colours, rims and backgrounds directly on the microsite until mid-February.

The ADAMs created appear on the #ADAMyourself microsite and can also be shared on Facebook or Twitter. Once shared, friends and relatives can vote for your ADAM.  The voting deadline is mid-March.

The top 10 most locally voted ADAMs would then be judged by the Opel Judging Panel – including Opel representatives and 10 European bloggers, including Nicoletta Reggio – who choose the country favourites, which will then each be produced from autumn 2016 as the limited special model series “ADAM YOURSELF”.

A new ADAM goes to that creative person who manages to wow the Opel international judging panel with a personalised design of the already funky car and the very special part is that the winners will be the “advertising face” for their ADAM in their country.

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