Monday 08 August 2022

Casa Antonia brings village feast celebrations to its residents

The signature musical tunes of the marching band accompanied by colourful fireworks were the highlights of the summer party organised by Casa Antonia for its residents, their family and friends.

Decorated with traditional pavaljuni and bandalori, the usually tranquil and serene pool area within the residential home in Balzan was transformed into a typical Maltese square one finds during the village feast.

“With over 150 residents, 120 workers and daily visitors, Casa Antonia Nursing and Residential Home can easily resemble a small village community,” said Casa Antonia General Manager, Dr Sarah Cassar. “Providing our elderly residents with the opportunity to enjoy the merriment village feasts bring along, is just a typical example of how Casa Antonia emphasises holistic quality care within familiar surroundings.”

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The two Balzan bands contributed greatly to the success of this event, with the Maria Annunziata Band Club musicians playing popular Maltese marches, while the San Gabriel Band Club tastefully decorating Casa Antonia with traditional pavaljuni and bandalori.

20160704 - Casa Antonia Village feast celebrationsDSC_5715

As no traditional Maltese village feast would be complete without food, Casa Antonia organised food stalls offering those food items one would find in a feast ambience. Mouth-watering items included ħobż biż-żejt, pastizzi, qassatat, hot dogs and even rabbit stew. Those opting for the sweeter side of life were treated to a delectable selection of imqaret, qagħaq tal-għasel, krustini tar-raħal, and nougat (qubbajt). Keeping in theme with the event, the serving staff were dressed traditional Maltese costumes.
Further information about Casa Antonia Nursing and Residential Home can be obtained by calling telephone no (+356) 2149 6277, email, or by visiting the website:

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