Tuesday 23 July 2024

Atlas Insurance inaugurates the GEO-INF Rainwater Recovery Facility at De La Salle College

Atlas Insurance inaugurated the GEO-INF Rainwater Recovery Facility at De La Salle College. The GEO-INF project involves the installation of the innovative technology designed by Ing. Marco Cremona in a number of schools, to channel rainwater from the roofs of school buildings directly to the water table and replenish groundwater levels.
The project is being financed through the Atlas Community Involvement Fund that was set up to provide a clear and transparent framework through which Atlas Insurance identifies and supports well-developed projects. Spearheaded by Executive Director and Company Secretary Catherine Calleja, and administered by a committee of representatives from various departments within Atlas Insurance, the Fund also provides a structured platform to maximise Atlas Group’s contribution to a wide range of community engagement projects.
The Minister for Public Works and Planning, Honourable Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi, attended the inauguration of the GEO-INF project in the presence of Atlas Insurance CEO Matthew von Brockdorff, who presided over the event, the Director of Educational Mission at De La Salle College, Mr Stephen Cachia, and Ing. Cremona.
In his speech, Minister Zrinzo Azzopardi praised this initiative which is being financed by the private sector and called for more sustainable alternatives to be found for the utilization of our country’s natural resources such as fresh water. The Minister said: “The environmental goals of our country are all our responsibility, and projects of this kind are very encouraging for our society because we are also seeing the private sector contributing to the work of the Government to conserve rainwater.” Minister Zrinzo Azzopardi also spoke about the Government’s commitment regarding Green Stormwater Infrastructures (GSI) with the aim of achieving the European Union’s environmental targets for carbon neutrality by 2050.
Addressing the event, Atlas Insurance CEO Matthew von Brockdorff explained that: “Atlas Insurance is very pleased to be supporting a project that addresses one of society’s most pressing issues, the sustainability of resources, and in this particular case water resources. The GEO-INF project, that is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goal 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation, is purposely being installed in schools in order to contribute to the personal and educational growth of students, and also to have a broader positive impact on communities, the environment, and society as a whole by shaping responsible, informed, and engaged citizens.”
The Director of Educational Mission at De La Salle College, Mr Stephen Cachia, spoke about the significance of the environmental principles that the College aims to impart to its students. He also referred to the active involvement of students in hands-on approaches, such as their participation in initiatives like “Eco Champions” and “Eko Skola.”
The event came to an end with a presentation delivered by Ing. Cremona during which he explained the operating principles and technology behind the GEO-INF project, followed by a visit to the site of the installation where rainwater from the College’s roofs is gathered in a tank connected to a gravel filter and an infiltration borehole that channels water into the aquifers. Students were also given the opportunity to ask questions to Ing. Cremona.

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