Wednesday 05 August 2020

Mindfulness session for Atlas employees

Atlas Group recently held an introductory session on mindfulness for its employees, as part of a month-long initiative during October during which mental health awareness is being promoted as part of the Atlas Wellness Programme.

The topic was presented by Aksohbin Tracy, a qualified Mindfulness trainer. Mr Tracy has been practicing mindfulness techniques for 20 years and teaching for the past 15 years.

Mr Tracy explained that we often go through life in a reactive mode, and as we get busier, this is increasingly the case. “Mindfulness allows us to live in a more creatively responsive way to life and less out of our habitual reactions. This results in added perspective and an increased ability to choose how we live,” he said.

“When going through a difficult period, be it stress or illness, we tend to close in on ourselves, and not see beyond the problem we are facing. Mindfulness, whilst not solving your problem, will help give a person perspective, and see the wider situation.”

Mr Tracy explained that international research has proven that mindfulness is effective in clinical situations, such as depression, living with chronic pain, stress and anxiety. It is also effective in non-clinical situations such as the well-being of busy professionals and workplace enhancement.

He also led staff through a body scan exercise, to give a taster on how mindfulness works in practice. The session on mindfulness was well received by Atlas employees.

During the month of October, Atlas Group employees are dressing down to promote mental health awareness and are also sporting mental health badges all month long to project the importance of mental health in all aspects of life.

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