Sunday 01 October 2023

Paul Caruana revives long-lost voices in latest exhibition of watercolours 


Distant voices may be discerned in the silent city as from Friday 4th October, as Palazzo de Piro in Mdina will host a distinctive watercolour exhibition by Maltese artist Paul Caruana. On view until 31st October, the exhibition entitled ‘Seeing Voices’ will be inaugurated by President Emeritus Dr Ugo Mifsud Bonnici. Inspired by the artist’s childhood memories, everyday life instances and village characters, the exhibition will showcase 20 new watercolour paintings.


Caruana said: “‘Seeing Voices’ is an attempt to recapture particular characters and memorable instances from my childhood, recollections which I can vividly remember but cannot hear anymore. Through these paintings, I am hoping to elicit a smile from those old enough to have their own fond memories, while providing younger generations with a visual presentation of how back in the day, life was simpler, yet still as colourful.” 

‘Seeing Voices’ is Caruana’s 13th solo exhibition, the previous exhibition entitled ‘Ħrejjef ta’ Veru’ was also held at Palazzo de Piro in 2017.  


Paul Caruana has been a keen watercolour artist since childhood and has taken part in numerous collective exhibitions, both locally and abroad. He studied art under the guidance of the late Antoine Camilleri, Harry Alden and Anthony Degiovanni and has showcased works in various exhibitions, both solo and collectives. He has also produced illustrations for a number of publications about Valletta, such as George Cini’s books on Strada Stretta. 

‘Seeing Voices’ is supported by BPC International, Palazzo de Piro, Infinitely Xara, and Gemelli Framing.

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