Monday 08 August 2022

Why can’t politicians leave campus alone?

I’ve been following the canvassing of the two student groups SDM and Pulse over this last week, and the more I read the more dismayed I became.

Isn’t it enough that the very air we breathe is politicised? Does our university campus have to continue being the breeding ground for the next generation of very ambitious young Turks who see this as their stepping stone into the national arena? It was the local council elections all over again, and predictably, like the local councils, only a small percentage of students actually bothered to vote.

I really don’t blame them. Especially after reading the immature bickering on the walls of a few of the people involved in the elections on both sides of the fence.

Then this morning, one of those canvassing for SDM posted a picture of a cheering crowd with the caption “sweet, sweet victory”.  That caption explains it all, really.  Although KSU is ostensibly there to represent the voice of the students,  those who have been elected to run it (because the winner takes it all) see this in terms of  a victory for “their” party.

The problem is that the winners are definitely not the students who have disengaged from this whole sorry spectacle.


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