Saturday 01 April 2023

Respected judge takes over San Andrea School inquiry

San Andrea School has appointed Judge Emeritus David Scicluna to take over the lead of the independent inquiry into allegations of wrongdoing at the school.

Judge Scicluna takes over the reins from the original inquiry head, Judge Emeritus Joseph Zammit McKeon, who was forced to withdraw from the role due to an impending public appointment.

Judge Scicluna has received a full handover from his predecessor.

A spokesperson for the school board said: “San Andrea’s board would like to take this opportunity to thank Judge Zammit McKeon for laying the groundwork for the inquiry and is delighted that Judge Scicluna has agreed to replace him.”

“Judge Scicluna is a highly respected figure who brings a wealth of experience to the inquiry which will carry on with immediate effect. The findings of the inquiry will be published in due course.”

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