Monday 23 May 2022

PONTE Ferries still determined to bring competition to the Malta-Sicily route

Ponte Ferries wishes to clarify that it was both willing and able to commence its fast ferry service to Sicily on August 6 and was prevented from doing so due to last minute contestations by a competing operator on the use of berthing quays in Augusta.

Ponte Ferries was and is in possession of a valid permit from Transport Malta as well as the necessary certifications for a newly refurbished vessel to operate from Malta. The ramps at its designated berths in Grand Harbour and Augusta were tested, certified and also ready to accommodate trucks and cars.

It should be noted that Ponte Ferries opted to complete the finalisation of the third alley way of its Malta ramp following the unfortunate delays encountered in Sicily. That is the real reason for the presence of equipment on site.

In spite of these obstacles, Ponte Ferries remains determined and committed to offer travellers and commuters a choice of service to Sicily.

Ponte Ferries feels it should not issue further statements in view of the ongoing discussions with Italian Authorities.

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