Monday 06 April 2020

MDA calls for radical reform of Lands Department

The Malta Developers Association has taken note of the report issued by the Office of the Auditor General on Government’s ‘purchase’ of the Café Premier. The report clearly indicates a number of reservations on the way the Government spent €4.2 million to reacquire its own property and the lack of transparency in the process that led to this acquisition.

The MDA feels that, in this case, the Lands Department did not act cautiously and meticulously, its characteristics with every other citizen, including the MDA’s members.

In these circumstances, the major lesson to be learnt from this episode is that there is an urgent need for a radical reform in the way the Lands Department operates. This reform should be aimed at making the department more efficient and transparent than it is at present and, in this way, it will ensure that everyone is treated in the same way using the same measure.

The MDA is of the opinion that the Government should investigate the case further so that anyone responsible will be held accountable.

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