Monday 08 August 2022

MCWO reiterates links between Gentlemen’s Clubs with prostitution and trafficking – urges consultation before drafting of Bill

The Minister for Tourism is insisting that there is no link between strip clubs and prostitution.  This clearly implies that the Minister seems to prefer to take the side of the owners who have every interest to maintain this distinction, when in reality this distinction does not exist.

Furthermore, the current branding of the strip industry as a mere adult entertainment venue diverts attention from the fact that these aid the normalisation of prostitution and we should stop calling them Gentlemen’s Clubs, as there is nothing gentlemanly about them.

Strip clubs simply provide a more acceptable front to commercial sex venues and hence should be treated as such.  Moreover, extensive foreign research shows that all the clear codes of conduct and regulations imposed on these venues have not stopped these from being used as a hub for the trafficking and prostitution of women.

The MCWO urges the Government to hold the proposed consultation process with women’s groups prior to the drafting of the Bill and not after.

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