Saturday 22 June 2024

IGM condemns intimidation of journalists

Reference is made to an incident which took place outside the Nationalist Party’s headquarters this week, when a number of party activists acted aggressively towards journalists and camera persons who were there to report on the party’s executive committee meeting.

It is never acceptable for anyone to attempt to intimidate journalists or to prevent them from being able to do their job.

Journalists have a responsibility towards their readers and the country in general to be present at such events and to inform the public about what is going on.

It is also worth noting that journalists have every right to film and report as they see fit, especially when in public spaces.

The country cannot have a functioning democracy without a free and independent press.

IGM expects the country’s politicians to set an example and to unreservedly condemn suchbehavior. Failure to do so sends out a wrong message to members of the public who believe they can decide themselves what journalists can and can’t report.

IGM has contacted Nationalist Party leader Dr. Adrian Delia regarding the incident and requested that this be investigated, and for the necessary disciplinary measures to be taken.

In addition to investigating the said event, it was also stressed that in future, IGM expects party officials to coordinate the media in similar events and not supporters or activists.

Dr Delia said he would be looking into the matter and said that he would be communicatingIGM’s position to the party’s officials.