Tuesday 31 March 2020

ElectroGas statement on LNG tanker

Following the severe storm conditions experienced in Malta over the weekend, ElectroGas Malta is pleased to report that the FSU remained at all times moored safely with no incident or risk exposure whatsoever.

The worst weather recorded in the ships logs over the weekend was an ENE wind of Force 7 (25 ~ 30 knots wind) with wind gusts touching 40 Knots frequently. The sea condition was choppy due to wind with a swell of Hs 0.5 metres. The FSU was in the process of fine tuning the spread mooring chains assisted by 4 tugs from time to time, and did not have to cease this work. During the full period of the storm, the FSU rolled by a couple of degrees due to swell and held its position comfortably.

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