Saturday 23 January 2021

Christmas Campaign 2020 – Don’t Drink and Drive

During this festive season, Transport Malta, along with the Malta Road Safety Council, are launching a campaign to encourage drivers to be prudent whilst driving, particularly, to not drink and drive.

This year was particular for all of us, in which the pandemic denied us from our daily routine, but made us reflect even more than before. Given the circumstances that we are currently in, this year we wanted to pass the message that we had to change and adjust countless aspects of our normal; We had to change our lifestyle, we had to start using masks, keep our social distancing, refrain from spending time with our elderlies for their own good, work from home, cancel our vacations, cancel any concerts as well as not organising any Christmas parties. This year’s message, even communicated by means of this video, is that something which never changes and is always valid regardless of the current situation is responsible driving – don’t drink and drive.

Transport Malta enforcement, as per previous years, will still be conducting several inspections all around the country in order to ensure that drivers are driving cautiously and all drivers and passengers in our country are safeguarded during these times.

The Authority as well as the Council keep striving to convey this knowledge and education.

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